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Maria is a smart-mouth teenager who will soon learn the importance of life, but it will take a serious issue with Raul that will turn the light on, but her favorite cousin comes to the rescue before her virginity is lost.

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Tulip the clean alcoholic has a problem that many cannot see from his attire but smell on his breath. He carries himself well but is slowly killing himself because of denial. Big Bo, recently released from prison, is called home to help in a family matter and when he is confronted with his past, the tears will roll-and possibly the heads.

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Mia-Duke Grahams is the centerpiece to the family, who loves her Lord but worries for her family. The ins and outs of life will be a challenge, and her God will be her guide to bring it all together. Passar bra ihop.


Bloggat om Reality of Life. It also provides a metaphor for the twists and turns that lead Joe to his fate. Pulling him in one direction is the audition in New York.

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Pulling him in another is a young woman named Violet Tansy, whom Joe discovers hiding in his van in Porkville. Violet has a baby she is hauling around in a Brillo carton. It may be the illegitimate child of Violet and her sailor boyfriend, Billy, or it may be a highly publicized kidnapping victim named Baby Jeffery. Violet is on a journey herself, to reunite with Billy in San Diego when he gets off his submarine. Try as Joe might, he just can't seem to extricate himself from Violet. Then, at Violet's grandfather's house in the most vile part of Detroit, Joe discovers a magic guitar.

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It looks old and beat-up, but it produces the most, well, magical sound. It was at this point that the angels started appearing and that I began to get a little worried.

Fortunately, Mr. Eberle can't resist having some fun with his material.

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A s they crisscross the country, Joe and Violet keep encountering the weirdest people. Among them: a dense and drunk ex-hippie named Fagan the Pagan, a tiny Tibetan monk with an extremely long name who can't really speak English and is addicted to french fries, and a hopelessly introverted computer nerd named Zak Bendzi.

When you're writing about a crew like this, the trick is to make the humor seem natural and unforced, and I must say that Mr. Eberle pulls it off quite credibly. There is a scene at a New Age campground that kept me giggling for 10 or 12 pages.

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And if I just about barfed at the conclusion, when we learn what "real magic" is, I'll forgive even that. Eberle is a very funny writer, and now that he's got angels out of his system maybe he'll spend a little more time with devils.

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