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Lastly almost 50 years after it has begun; 26, of its end , it is just in time to law all the past ghosts. Better late than never. After all, the later the worse. Monday, 9 May old is cool. Firstly, nowadays, our television is really need of better people making us laugh. At least, Zorra Total is a crap, excepted for that it has introduced us some talents such as: I confess that I used to enjoy in particular both Zacarias and Mussum.

Other excellent and memorable Tv program was TV Pirata. Nevertheless, TV Pirata has an incomparable black comedy.

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It was excellent being sarcastic… a watershed on our screens. In fact, I reckon that this is the main current matter nowadays: Thus, we can confirm that the old concepts about being the ancient has changed since who is grandfather-aged at the present time was someone avant-garde in the past, even revolutioners, in some cases. People has gotten old… by the way. Finally, I believe that will be easier to respect the third-aged people more from now than it happens before, when there are no admiration.

On the contrary of north americans, that were drugging themselves while had asked for peace and love, Brazilians were fighting and dying in reason of their ideals. Ok, I know that some of them went to Vietnam, but this is another History In Brazil, for instance, people who are now more than 50, could had done something against the military dictatorship.

This mournful period lasted 21 years. Think about that and answer me what did your parents do at those days? I reckon I would have acted alternatively. Probably I would have integrated one of guerrilla warfare groups. I admit I would not sleep if I had done anything about that when it was possible. Sunday, 8 May along with mum. Today, on Mother's Day, althought it hasn't been, I confess that could had happened with me Me, as a mother, I suppose I'll be a free woman.

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Struggling, I would carry my offsprings with me everywhere. Maybe this predisposition was brought about by my mother when she camped with a day little girl! It seems something hippie.

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Of course that happened due to my father, who used to love camping trips besides never minds either about both his wives and kids' convenience. Afterwards, later their separation, I became a separated-woman daughter. So, I was all my childhood used to sleep on chairs of any bar or restaurant. It was good for me, since gave me huge notion of reality while allowed my mother to enjoy her youth. Necessary - after all, she was free besides beautiful to live, find someone else, etc. I just have to compliment her!

Thank you for everything you still do for me! Of course they need special cares, likewise a little comfort. Ok, I forget to mention that have patience is essential. However, once children are used to be with you at these moments, as a consequence they are supposed to behave themselves well.

Hence, it is a matter to keep them socially active in order to not make them as boring as bored - for sure, all which we try to avoid. Nevertheless, I hope to be married with the father of my children to give them a standard family or at least try it! Having twins is a dream that I would to come true. This-year-winner used to beg attention from men she would like to be along. Well, many women saw them reflected into her acts once she is a human. Last year I fell in a not reciprocal passion. Both a stupid and silly woman. When I remember what I did, I would like to piss me off immediately!

Lastly, Maria did it! She has got e nice guy later… doctor, handsome, succeed, charismatic - nothing compared to the looser one who was snobby with her in the beginning of the TV program. Friday, 6 May finally.

From now, gay people here in Brazil are allowed to officialize their unions. The decision was taken yesterday by the Supreme Federal Tribunal. Or rather, they can get married civilly! However, once a formalized relationship, the duties as well the rights are more available than never! Over again, the family conpect has changed around the world. Albeit in a delay of around an year compared with Argentina, our Latin American neighbor, for instance… when Liniers drew this comic strip above But, ok, it happens anyway!

Better late than never After all, many couples have been waiting for it for a long tim.

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Along with, many other will just coming out of the closet because now the law is on their side. By the way, I hope not only that this fact encourage who is hiding himself behind any fear, but also that one day they can seat side by side and simply be free to demonstrate their affection with no discrimination. There still are a long distance to be run through until it be possible - simple like that. I don't think so. Chin up - tooth and nail, with might and main! Proud and no prejudice. Thursday, 5 May in the name of self- love.

In other words, that means she is fat. Then, if she has already thought about, this fact represents the deadline to start working out immediately. There are no excuses to evade it anymore. Actually, even a slight effort to recover health damages is valid.

Fortunately, positive physical shifts have happened since visiting often the gym. Two months later, it is great to hear eulogies when wearing the same clothes which brought in the past doubts about the shape of the body. I confess it is too satisfying, once my ego was massaged. After all, women are silly; they puffed up. Becoming slimmer increases any self-esteem, letting it swelled as a peacock. That improves inclusively the sex performing. It is not only a behaviour change, but a choise that means so much for life Thus, make itself thin is also good for loving.

Weighing against it literately , there are many kind of sweet temptations. Jujuba, bananada, pipoca, Cocada, queijadinha, sorvete, Chiclete, sundae de chocolate, Uh! Ironically, it is one of my favourite ones to workout, likewise most part of those treats appetize me so much - chiefly popcorn and icecream, I confess.

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Actually, any dessert inspires me to loose weigh as well burn calories while exercising for sure, thinking about them, that I will be able to eat one day again with no blame. Wednesday, 4 May versus versus versus. By hook and crook, either are wrong. After all, violence gives rise to even more violence. In actual fact, I honestly can feel some ill will happen as a consequence.

#Revista Guia do Estudante Vestibular+Enem - Português (2018)

I would like to say that it wont be somewhat similar to or just biological weapons. Personally, I think nobody are ready to face it. Considering that all this bullshit has begun athwart Soviets… There was never a good war or a bad peace indeed. In conclusion, everything goes wrong… over and over. I wonder myself about this way which we are going by? Tuesday, 3 May resuming. I just decided to pick up the pieces of mine. I was not upping to it anymore… Reacting is necessary to move on.

(Cenas da minissérie Desejo de 1990) com participação especial José Plínio

However, this is not to say that I will give up, nor literally collect the one-third of my stuff which is around there. At last, dreaming is free, while living in Rio is too expensive nowadays. Diposition - I have it; to change my way, thought. Monday, 2 May finally dead - who believes? It was said today by Obama in his public televised speech at this dawn in Brazil.