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Deus Ex Machina

The device, or neurotrophic electrode, is implanted into the brain, allowing cortical cells to grow and form neural contacts. After several weeks, the cortical tissue grows into the electrode. This allows a person to interact with the world as if they were using a computer. Containing approximately 3, microscopic solar cells that convert light into electrical impulses, the new technology works to replace damaged photoreceptors that normally convert light into electrical signals within the retina.

Yelena Fedorova is born.

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It is also the first prototype enabling its carrier to sense pressure. China immediately threatens to use force should the vote occur. As a result, most of Europe and its territories are subjects to the economical control of Majestic Declan Faherty works for British Ministry of Defence.

Month: October 2017

The Illuminati now fully control Europe's finances, and Europe later becomes a financial satellite of Majestic Iraq falls within a month. No WMDs are found. The new technology brings researchers one step closer to thinning the line between prosthetic and organic. Shortly after, Sarif creates a system that automates the manufacturing of advanced prosthetics, converting the newly purchased plant into the first auto-mechanical augmentation factory.

A number of private sector companies, including VersaLife , submit proposals. VersaLife believes a successful program can be designed -- if it can be wired directly into the soldiers' brains. VersaLife then takes the idea to its partner, a private military corporation Belltower Associates. This project, under the supervision of Illuminati , will later be known as the Hyron Project.

Leading the development, the World Health Organization WHO begins construction on the new center that will pave the way for research into viral genetics and biological sciences. One month later, China launches an invasion. The U. Taiwan falls in 6 days. Conspiracy theorists believe the outbreak is man-made and is part of Illuminati's human depopulation agenda. Congress passes the Recycle Military Bill , financing free prosthetics for any wounded veteran who re-enlists. With little competition, Sarif Industries wins the lucrative prosthetic manufacturing contract and becomes the number one prosthetic manufacturer in America.

Chinese forces swoop in to completely crush the rebellion in 4 days. Photos smuggled out afterward show a large number of prosthetic-equipped soldiers amid the invading army. This theory has since been rejected by many geologists as untenable. Worldwide news reports reveal squads of augmented soldiers brutally demolishing all resistance. After borrowing 50 million Euros from Hugh Darrow, the dream becomes reality and the first clinic for augmented humans opens. Picus Communications broadcasts the augmented competition and sweeps the ratings. Supposedly demonstrated that there could have been no "Soviet-American pact" because America had already sold out to the Grays.

According to this theory the polio and influenza outbreaks of the later 20th century were test runs in a larger governmental bio-warfare program. At the opening ceremony Haydon Suyong calls his network of clinics " L.

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International " for the first time. Bets taken online and in Las Vegas turns into a multi-million dollar circuit as the sport's popularity rapidly grows. The implantation works better than imagined and Nittle is able to lead a near normal life. Over , people are killed, but the world finds hope in augmented humans as they play a major role in the region's rescue and recovery operations. Their enhanced abilities save many lives and prove to make a crucial difference in relief of this disaster.

Conspiracy theorists believe it was another man-made outbreak. They are obviously a part of our world, and this is a worldwide competition," says voting board member Harris Stevenson. After a chance meeting in Switzerland , they fall in love and marry. As leaked intelligence from Asia and Europe begins to corroborate the story, a fear of falling behind these imposing advancements accelerates global bio-technical research to new levels. Seeing the challenges and dangers of drilling in the areas, oil companies begin quietly recruiting augmented war veterans to work at unusually high salaries.

Fallout from the enactment of the Green River Bill also opens up new emergency powers for FEMA and the NSA, created in preparation for the possibility of civil unrest in the wake of the looming energy crisis. Rumors of a Chinese military presence in space are rife. Military immediately attempts to reverse-engineer the chip. Augs originally formed the SFMG in in response to being shunned for going against religious scripts that declare it unholy to biologically 'desecrate' their bodies.

New Zealand becomes an associate state six months later. Palisade Bank is founded, with headquarters in the Czech Republic.

The most contentious element of the program is the radical decision to force the nationalization of Canada's rich oil sands deposits, securing the country's energy bounty for itself. US-Canadian tensions intensify from this point. VersaLife and its corporate partners subsequently cut all ties with the facility.

The Program offers soldiers immediate augmentations while deferring payment for as long as they remain active employees of Belltower. It is then quietly placed into the stewardship of a United Nations committee. International clinic in Utah. He is later revealed to have been fired by Sarif Industries in Early s: Work on nano-augmentations begins.

The Majestic 12 scientists assigned to the project including Bob Page have a number of difficulties. A self-replicating nanite that can interact with biological material has to be developed. The nanites must be able to interpret commands directly from the mind, and send information back to the mind in a form that can be interpreted.

This will take years to develop. A test subject matching MJ12's selection criteria is needed, as young as possible. With the fossil fuel crisis worldwide, tensions between north and south Australia rise. Australian Civil War begins. Events of Deus Ex: Fallen Angel. A bottle of Neuropozyne Darrow Industries sell the patent to Neuropozyne , an anti- augmentation rejection drug, to VersaLife. Quincy Durant is severely injured during an encounter with an augmented criminal. Having moral objections against it, he voluntarily submits to extensive augmentation. Gang at the El Diablo Lapdancing Club.

Chonming's trio of islands — Hengsha Island, being one of them — become a corporate fiefdom, with Tai Yong Medical free to be a law unto itself.

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At the same time, the lack of housing for these short-term inhabitants becomes an issue. Japan turns inward in an attempt to heal itself. The Supreme Court rules in his favor, clearing the way for elective augmentation. In response to the ruling, William Taggart creates Humanity Front , a political organization that opposes augmentation. After the Pan-Arab coalition invades Israel, Illuminati control of the region becomes total.

Conspiracy theorists believe it was yet another man-made epidemic. Mexico eventually backs down, but the Mexican government's pride is dented. Taking advantage of the situation, representatives of the Russian Federated States make overtures to Mexico City. The scandal causes a significant upswing in popular opposition to the largely unregulated augmentation industry.

Humanity Front's membership grows sizably as a result. Sir Roger St.

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John-Ffolkes officially steps down as CEO of Belltower Associates, giving joint control of the company to his sons Luther and Andrew; in reality, he has served only as a figurehead in this post for the last decade. Her songs about growing up poor in war-torn, plague-ridden Nigeria had captured the heart of fans all over the world; many stage candlelight vigils. Adam Jensen refuses the order to shoot an augmented teenager. The order is passed on to Wayne Haas.

The boys death provokes the worst riots Detroit has seen since the 's.