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It will open your eyes. Maggs, Cornwall Maggs, I don't think it's fair of anyone to say what people should and shouldn't read.

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As long as a book gives enjoyment then that's all that matters. I was quite surprised to find out just how many people actually buy them in my generation. I don't want to read about drugs, death etc I just want to lose myself in some far away country with a big strong rich handsome man for a couple of hours.

Monique Rowe, Cardiff The "ism" and or "isms" of the politically correct were created by a small minority intent on putting Western culture six feet underground. But what's this? Hip Hip Hooray! Beware the PC police - ever watchful. It was what ushered most of my friends and I into the world of romance, but of course we always knew that men in real life are not that handsome. After all they are all over on the streets, but it certainly afforded us an opportunity to escape while entertaining us.

Salome, Accra, Ghana As a foreign, tall, dark, and handsome billionaire I find these stories offensive in the extreme, reducing my whole existence to nothing more to a piece of meat manipulated to provide women with some animal titillation. Shame on you all, especially if you are the type who complain about girly mags on the top-shelf of your newsagent. Walter, London Walter, I want you for your brains and kindness.

Where can I find you? I think there is this belief that only bored, unfulfilled housewives read them for a little escapism and titillation from the otherwise monotonous daily grind. Everybody at sometime or other needs to feel what its like to be in someone else's shoes. Jenny, West Yorkshire "But they never lose their moral foundation. He then slowly gains weight, becomes slower witted and learns to keep his mouth shut lest his opinion differs from that of his love.

The remote control becomes his only friend.

Romance is a one way street it seems. The ladies seem to be attracted to that which they cannot abide. They are very much popular in India and the new idea to include the Indian Prince is welcome. Patricia Britto, Chennai, India I'm surprised that in this article there is no mention of the highly racist nature of these books.

An exotic man, is only exotic because they are kept as an outsider within the readers' countries. It is this type of literature that created and now reinforces that cultures outside of an Anglo-Saxon base are to be feared, or considered mysterious These books are just one of the MANY mediums in the Western world that increase the xenophobia and an "Us and Them" mentality within our societies.

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They are simply larger than life fantasy heroes who star in escapist fiction. Mr Darcy is certainly tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, and in need of reform by Elizabeth. He even takes her off to a foreign place the Lake District. Why should one be considered great literature and the other looked down upon?

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BBC News Magazine. News Front Page. E-mail this to a friend Printable version. Silent film sex symbol Rudolph Valentino in The Sheik. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: E-book. Direct beschikbaar. Verkoop door bol. Ebook Op verlanglijstje. E-book is direct beschikbaar na aankoop E-books lezen is voordelig Dag en nacht klantenservice Veilig betalen.

Anderen bekeken ook. Annette Broadrick Married or Not? Bekijk de hele lijst. I read very few Presents. It does sound yummy. I should put up a link for that. Is it common nowadays?

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Thank you. Last time I tried that they were geo restricted so folks in N. If so what workaround s are you using?

I love India Grey and console myself with her books in the absence of a new Napier. Have for a long time. I bought 8 novels in a mix of different series as ebooks. It also makes me wonder about the ratings of books on this site in general. Which India Grey book are you missing? My mom in UK subscribes to the monthly pack and when she is finished she mails them to me here in Florida. I can paypal you the postage if you want or you could offer it to me through PaperBackSwap and get a credit for it. If I add it to my account and your not the first on the waiting list…. The way NA Presents are packaged focuses so much on the hero, even when the heroine is clearly what the book revolves around, which I find annoying.

Women are not pets. I cannot tell you how much it pisses me off to read that word again and again and again. Amy : Yes, you can. You can even use the same user id and password. However, it can be expensive.

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The shipping was twice the amount of the book there is no Amazon Prime. The last book I bought, the total bill came to USD Also, great review!

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  7. You do have to be careful to check whether or not you already have the book under a different title, though. Ros : Thanks! Annie West and Abby Green have great cross-references on their sites. If an author is from the UK, they are edited with UK style rules. If the author is from the US, then US style rules. Kate Hewitt : Actually I first noted it on an Australian author, and the air turned blue. It was also in her next couple of books as well, it was the same for the next lot of British authors I picked up.

    I thought they might just be cutting down editing-repackaging fees.