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Marianelli, R. Santecroce, and A. Sbrana, Plinian Eruptions - J. White and B. Houghton, Pyroclastic Eruptions - B. Houghton, C. Wilson, R. Smith, and J. Gilbert, Phreatoplinian Eruptions - S. Carey and M. Bursik, Volcanic Plumes - C. Wilson and B.


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The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (Second Edition) out now!!

Rodolfo, Lahars and Jokulhlaup Hazards - H. Rymer and G. Beget, Volcanic Tsunamis - S. McNutt, Volcanic Seismicity - P.

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He has worked on volcanic processes and the geochemistry of volcanic rocks for over fifty years. His studies have in part been focused on the impact of volcanic activity on human populations, especially his work on Vesuvius in Italy, Tambora in Indonesia, El Chichon in Mexico and studies of deadly gas bursts from Cameroon crater lakes. His books include Melting the Earth , accounting for the evolution of ideas about formation of magmas and the origin of volcanic eruptions. Haraldur is currently director of the Volcano Museum in Stykkisholmur, Iceland.

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  • The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes (Second Edition) out now!!.
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Previously he had a career of twenty five years as a volcanologist in New Zealand, culminating in leading the scientific response to the eruption of Ruapehu volcano. He has worked on volcanic processes using seismology, infrasound, and lightning instruments for over 35 years. He worked half time for the Alaska Volcano Observatory from and was closely involved in monitoring efforts for eruptions at Spurr, Pavlof, Shishaldin, Augustine, Okmok, Kasatochi, and Redoubt volcanoes. He coordinates seismology research at USF, and presently supervises 3 graduate students and a Post-Doc.

His research interests include: 1 studies of source and propagation effects for volcanic tremor, low-frequency events, and explosion earthquakes; 2 volcanic hazards assessments in Alaska, California, and Central America; 3 the mechanical behavior of volcanoes, including periodicity of eruptions, and the effects of earth tides, sea level variations, and tectonic stresses on triggering eruptive activity; 4 volcano infrasound; and 5 volcanic lightning. Hazel has developed and championed the use of microgravity as a tool for monitoring active volcanoes.

She has used this method to identify sub-surface processes at calderas in a state of unrest and at persistently active volcanoes and this has given geoscientists considerable insight into the range of mechanisms responsible for initiating and sustaining volcanic activity. The technique Hazel pioneered is now the standard method for gravity monitoring on volcanoes; it remains the only way to quantify the sub-surface mass changes that occur before, during and after eruptions.

John Stix has studied active volcanoes for 26 years, specializing in volcanic gases, eruption mechanisms, and the impact of volcanic activity. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in volcanology, natural hazards, and environmental geology. He also is involved in field courses, where he exposes students to hands-on observations of natural processes such as volcanic eruptions and floods. He has been involved in many training courses and workshops in Canada, the US, and Latin America to teach volcanology. He has collaborated extensively with colleagues in Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Ecuador in volcano studies and volcanic hazards.

From to he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of Volcanology , the leading international journal related to the study of volcanoes and volcanism.