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And a lot of it has to do with where Facebook Stories are located. So when one of your followers opens their profile, your stories will be the first thing they see! And while user adoption rates for Facebook Stories are growing, the number is still low enough that you can stand out from competitors and grow your organic reach!

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  2. How to post to Facebook Stories.
  3. What are Facebook Stories? Here's how to use Facebook Stories and get the most from them?
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  5. Customizing Your Instagram Stories;

So if you have great content on Instagram Stories, with minimal effort, you can begin to share it with your Facebook community. Sign up for a free account today! In order to share Facebook Stories as a business, you must be the admin or editor of a Facebook Page.

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  • If you already have an active Facebook Page for your business, feel free to skip to step 2. Start by clicking here to create a Facebook Page and select a category for your business. Unlike Instagram Stories which can only be shared from the mobile Instagram app, you can create and share Facebook Stories from your computer, the Facebook app, Facebook Lite, and even the Facebook Messenger app!

    And like Instagram, your Facebook Stories will be visible to your selected audience for 24 hours.

    To get started with Facebook Stories, you can either tap the ellipsis button in the top-right corner of the screen, which will open several options including Open Camera. The great thing is that, save a few differences, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories have a very similar user interface. Like Instagram Stories, you can switch from front-facing camera to rear-facing camera and vice-versa by tapping the flip-camera button.

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    • What are Facebook Stories? Here's how to use Facebook Stories and get the most from them.
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    • This is a great little feature that can help you add context to your story and easily swap in and out of selfie mode! You can select from three different lighting settings when creating a story for Facebook: flash on the lightning bolt icon , flash off the moon and x icon , and low-lighting settings the moon and cloud icon. Facebook currently offers dozens of user-created filters for stories. All you have to do is tap the smiley face icon and you can scroll through all of the options. Note: Like Instagram, in order to access some branded AR filters, you first need to follow the account that created the filter.

      You can also upload a previously taken photo or video from your camera roll by either tapping the photo icon in the bottom-right corner or by swiping up on the screen. With Normal, you can tap the record button to take a photo. Or you can press and hold the button to take a video up to 20 seconds in length. If you select the Video mode, you can tap the record button once to start a video and tap again to stop it. The Boomerang option works just like it does on Instagram. All you need to do is tap the record button to stitch together a burst of photos to create a short animation that plays forward and backward.

      And Live!

      What are Facebook Stories?

      For example, you can use name stickers to highlight other accounts or poll sticker to gather feedback from your audience about your products. You can also tap the magic wand icon in the bottom-left corner to access dozens of cool effects and animations. Facebook also just released the option to add a custom link to a story — finally allowing users to drive traffic to a specific URL! However, this could be because the feature is still being rolled out across all business accounts. The first option is to navigate to one of your active stories and tap the eye icon in the bottom left-hand corner.

      This will pull up a list of people who viewed your story. To do this, head to your Page on desktop and click on Insights at the top. Tracking these metrics is super important if you want to know which content is resonating with your audience.

      #2: Splice

      When you add a photo or video to your story, it appears in the new Stories section at the top of news feed. Your profile picture will also appear in this row at the top of your friends' news feeds, and they can tap it to see your story for 24 hours. Now Stories are on desktop web browsers, too, via a panel that sits on the top right and the ability to share to Stories when updating your status. You can just update your story rather than your status should you wish.

      Facebook also updated its camera just for Facebook Stories. Tap on the camera icon on the top left corner or swipe right from news feed to try it out. It offers masks, frames, and interactive filters that can be applied to photos and videos. There's even "reactive effects" that let you interact with dynamic objects like falling snow and style effects so you can apply a Picasso-style filter to your video in real time. If you want to add effects to your photos or videos before posting to Facebook Stories, follow these steps:.

      How does Instagram mass story viewing work?

      When you use Direct, your friends will be able to view your photo or video once and replay it or write a reply. Once the conversation on the photo or video ends, it is no longer visible in Direct. When a friend sends you a direct photo or video, or replies to your story on Facebook, you can view and reply in the Direct section of the Facebook app.

      To use Direct, follow these steps:. Now why not check out: What is Snapchat and how does it work? YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. What is Facebook Live, how does it work, and which devices support it? If you want to know more about how Facebook Stories work, here's what you need to know.

      How to set up automatic stories watching?

      On desktop enter a status update in the familiar way, but you'll be offered to add it to your story as an alternative to creating a status. Alternatively, you can tap the camera icon in the top left of your screen or swipe right from news feed.

      Instagram's New Story Highlights Save Your Disappearing Videos Forever

      Tap the record button to take a photo or tap and hold it to record a video. You can also upload from your camera roll. If you want to save a photo or video, tap the download icon. Tap Your Story to add to your story, and then tap the send button.