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In her second floor office overlooking the crowded room of freedom seekers, we talked about the caravan. Every response seemed to start with his name. What did Lidice and the Honduran government think of all the citizens walking out of the country?

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I asked her. Leaving Honduras was a personal decision, Lidice stressed. The ruling class failed to show the same concern for the indigenous population before they fled Honduras. It wasn't until Manuel Zelaya was president from that public education was available to everyone, per an article in the New Statesman.

The reforms were too much for the ruling elite, who removed Zelaya in a coup. He was replaced by a strongman, Roberto Micheletti, and misery increased.

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Not sure of my agenda, she confided that she is a single mother. Our streets and borders are not safer when families are torn apart and responsible members of our communities are forced to leave the country. In order for him to be a successful President, Trump should rethink the priorities of his administration and must stop governing off the xenophobia and division of his campaign. He must focus on sound policies that actually make us safer and are lawful within the Constitution.

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When, aside from the ethical implications alone, really it takes an audacious sort of wild whiteness to exact hundreds of years of both explicit abuse of black and brown folks and concomitant denial of such abuses. Despite all the challenges, Hodge offers an unflinching diagnosis of the idol worship of whiteness that has permeated mission efforts abroad and blinded US Christians to the kinds of suffering that now mark the United States as the last mission field, a wild country filled with those who have rejected the idolatry inside of the church. Christopher M.

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