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It was a very uncomfortable transition. She earned her M. Hence, the idea for Anya; an immigrant trying to pass as another kind of immigrant. Even though the novel is, according to Waclawiak, 90 percent fiction, she did live in a Russian neighborhood in Los Angeles for some years—and she herself was very curious about the Twin Palms, an actual nightclub near her old apartment.

People were always coming in and out. Anya is a woman who wants more out of her life. Most of all, she wants to not be lonely.

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Anya finds herself depressed after hanging out with them. One of the bingo players, Mary, is fixated on her deceased husband. I wanted hers. Yet in observing these old women, their sadness, regret, desire, Anya realizes that these problems never dissipate. Waclawiak set the book in Los Angeles not only because she'd lived there and knew it well, but because she found it to be such an isolating city. She moved to New York City, she said, to be inspired.

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New York, as it turns out, is a place that suits her. She lives in Williamsburg, not far from the city's most Polish sections: Greenpoint and Ridgewood. While the author definitely has a generally sunny, optimistic outlook, she writes from a darker place, which she traced to an episode from her youth. She recalled trying to write something upbeat and positive, something about flowers and bumblebees.

Her teacher read it and asked her to never write anything like that again. Is it even possible? Do you like these ancient parts of yourself?

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