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Then continue weaving until the entire strip has been added. Be sure to leave adequate length hanging off the sides. When using rag materials there is no real need to finish off ends. I like the rustic, organic look so simply tie the ends together in knots to hold them. Be sure to squash your weft upwards towards the top of your loom before starting a new color strip. Be warned — this more traditional weaving takes MUCH longer. They might also wish to carefully weave the yarn ends back into their work using a thick yarn needle so that it looks more professional.

So I added extra nails to help them stay straight.

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Go through the first loop we tied on the warp like shown above. This is the only tricky part.

Simple Weaving for Kids

You can also stitch this spot, or tie a knot- the goal is to prevent the t-shirt rag rug from unraveling at this beginning spot. In case you missed the definitions — Warp: in weaving the threads on a loom over and under which other threads the Weft are passed to make textile.

When you reach the end, turn the corner and weave the weft over and under the warp, alternating from the row above. Next we will look at how to change colors and create designs in our t-shirt rag rug! I LOVE it! Your colors look amazing together! Thanks for sharing! Great instructions — even I could follow those! But I have to ask…does the star clothes dryer roll in the wind? Thanks so much for sharing — yours is just lovely! So now I am confused?? Am I right?? All the looms I looked at on line and expensive!!! Can you clarify this for me?

I am having fun with weaving, and want to continue doing it!! Thanks again, and hope I used the correct terminology in my questions and concerns!! Hi paulette! What a great idea?! This reminds me of doing this in a livelihood class when I was in grade school.

Kids Weaving Loom Instructions | Craft How -To Videos - Ann Williams Group

And yeah, that clothing drying rack, that looks interesting for me. That looks awesome! My grandma used to make this type of rugs, but in huge sizes. Now that I know how to make the loom, I can do them myself. Thank you for sharing the info about the book also!

Hand-Loom Weaving

Handouts will also be provided to all participants. Tapestry is an ancient unique form of weaving, known as painting with fibre. The possibilities for creativity are endless. This workshop explores both traditional and contemporary tapestry techniques. This is a beginner workshop and requires no previous experience.

Simple Weaving for Kids

There will be homework between the two classes. Wire 1: Shawl Pin. Heavier gauge copper wire will be formed and then finer gauge copper wire will be woven around the form and some crystals will be added to create a shawl pin. The heavier gauge wire will be formed and sharpened to create the pin to attach the whole unit to the shawl. This shawl pin will be suitable for use with fabric that is not too tightly woven works well on Pashminas or knitted or crocheted items.

Patinas will be discussed and you have the option of applying a patina to your project. In this workshop you will be introduced to the properties of copper and copper wire and how it can be used as a fibre to create decorative art and jewellery. The techniques of weaving, crochet, braiding, and knitting will be explored using copper and other craft wires.

Rag Rug Weaving On A Simple Home Made Loom

Embellishments, finishes and patinas will be discussed and demonstrated. You will complete an 8 in x 8 sampler in woven metal that will be a stunning piece of decorative Copper Art. Prior experience is not required however if you knit or crochet, bring small size needles and hooks that you are comfortable using.

  • Lean to weave, felt and spin!.
  • Step 2: Weave.
  • The Year of Reality.

All tools and materials will be provided. Needle Felted Ornaments. In this workshop, create these cute ornaments made by needle-felting. The technique involves sculpting shapes from unspun wool called roving, by manipulating the fibers with a special needle until they interlock and become dense. Felting Florals. Participants will engage in creating a flat felted painterly image.

A study of floral images will be provided for inspiration in this workshop. A spontaneous approach to creating a felted image will be encouraged. Simple felted shaped forms will be shared and created. Learn the ancient art of spindle spinning and turn wool into yarn. Spindle spinning is affordable, portable and fun. Our instructor will guide you through the. Do you have an unfinished project that you need some help to finish OR have a pattern that you want to start but are not sure how?

If you do, then this class is for you. Bring your fabric, pattern and questions to turn your unfinished projects into finished ones. You will need to bring your portable sewing machine and a basic sewing kit. Christmas Star.