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He is the founder and principal of Mendelson Consulting, which specializes in software solutions that maximize accounting and management information system processes to optimize operational and financial results.

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Mario is a frequent author and instructor of accounting technology topics and a contributing author and speaker for Intuit, Accountex formerly The Sleeter Group , and The Woodard Group. A leading figure on the national SMB financial software scene, Mario was a charter member of the Intuit Reseller Partner program and was selected to serve on the Intuit Solution Provider Advisory Council for three consecutive terms longest ever tenure.

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In addition to working with end users and advisors, Mario and his firm provide consulting services to accounting firms and other businesses. Find out how they help enable success through technology, Mendelson Consulting. You may reach Mario at mario mendelsonconsulting. You sure about that?

As a Microsoft Partner, that is what has always been disseminated to us. As always, I am open to learn from others, would welcome to be shown that self-service option to buy.

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My mistake, I was looking at the enterprise Dyamics Plan 1, which I am able to buy. But for the other options they want to connect you to a partner. Can I know that when an article on the same will be published? Written by Mario Nowogrodzki.

Typical pains of such target users are: Insufficient reporting, Manual processes that result in duplicate data entry and errors, Disconnected systems and information that is stored separately, Accounting that occurs in Excel instead of in the financial system, and Lack of proper workflows and audit trails that put the business at risk. How Is it Sold? A Winning Combination for Preparing s. You may also like.

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Mario Nowogrodzki Mario Nowogrodzki is an information systems consultant and instructor. View all posts. Working on that next article in the series at present. Will be the next one to be published. Any changes made to accounting principles, Canadian or International, will be very easy and straightforward to update.

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It is my opinion that the clarity of this text is very high. The authors are succinct and use visuals often to highlight the theoretical structures. This test is very consistent with the framework that is set up by the authors in the beginning of the text. The textbook is very clearly divided into separable modules, making it easy for both students to read and for instructors to choose which modules to include in their course.

It begins by explaining the role of financial accounting in society, and then describes the underlying structure of double entry accounting systems and the process of recording economic events that impact the value of the organization through the journals and the ledger. The online text worked perfectly in my Chrome browser.

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  • The end of chapter exercises and problems are perfectly formatted on the screen. All assessment materials quizzes, exams, etc. I found the grammar to be very clear, concise and very effective. Because the book is written by Canadians, expenses are sometimes referred to as revenue expenditures, which does not match how US textbooks refer to expenses, but is perhaps a better learning tool, as the expenses are always recorded in the period in which they match the revenue generation, so I support the authors' choices regarding how they refer to the difference between assets capital expenditures and expenses revenue expenditures.

    The textbook adequately refers to the international accounting standards. That is the only cultural relevance which is relevant to introductory financial accounting. I found this textbook and its exercises to be a useful teaching and learning tool. Instructors and students have access to pre-made PowerPoint slides, exercises and problems, and there is the option to enrol in an online service for online assessments, which seem to have student feedback capabilities in addition to assessment gathering capabilities. This textbook is an adaptation by Athabasca University of the original text written by D.

    Annand and H. It is intended for use in entry-level college and university courses in financial accounting. A corporate approach is utilized consistently throughout the book. The adapted textbook includes multiple ancillary student and instructor resources. Student aids include solutions to all end-of-chapter questions and problems, and randomly-generated spreadsheet problems that cover key concepts of each chapter.

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    • These provide unlimited practice and feedback for students. Instructor aids include an exam bank, lecture slides, and a comprehensive end-of-term case assignment. This requires students to prepare 18 different year-end adjusting entries and all four types of financial statements, and to calculate and analyze 16 different financial statement ratios.

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      Unique versions can be created for any number of individual students or groups. Tailored solutions are provided for instructors. Annand davida athabascau. His research interests include the educational applications of computer-based instruction and computer mediated communications to distance learning, the effects of online learning on the organization of distance-based universities, and the experiences of instructors in graduate-level computer conferences.

      David completed his Doctorate in Education in His thesis deals with the experiences of instructors in graduate-level computer conferences. Reviews Learn more about reviews. Comments I found this textbook and its exercises to be a useful teaching and learning tool.

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      About the Book This textbook is an adaptation by Athabasca University of the original text written by D. Henry Dauderis.