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Mirror, Mirror — RYAN McGINLEY

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Mirror, Mirror Official Trailer #1 - Julia Roberts, Lily Collins Movie (2012)

Release Date Mar 30, - Aug 16, Memorial Day. Independence Day.

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Mirror mirror on the wall… (39 Photos)

May 29, May 30, May 31, Jun 1, Jun 2, Jun 3, Jun 4, T his odd film has been billed as a "spectacular reimagining" of the Snow White story. It is mostly a spectacular buggering up of the Snow White story by people who can't or won't appreciate the source of the story's power, and can't decide if they want arch comedy, or something swooningly serious for the tweenie demographic, like Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood.

The result is a tonal oddity — though not uninteresting — which goes for tentative laughs some of the time, but mostly proposes a pretty straight romantic adventure. Tarsem Singh directs and year-old Lily Collins plays Snow White, at the mercy of her wicked stepmother, the ruling Queen.

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This is played by Julia Roberts with a silent purr, a cat-that-got-the-cream smirk — which unfortunately is rarely backed up with anything funny in the script for her to say. The Queen has an obsequious courtier named Brighton, played by Nathan Lane, and it is Lane who is expected to provide what little comedy flavour there is. Naturally, the Queen begins to loathe the winsome, saintly Snow White and entrusts the cringing Brighton with the huntsman's job of dispatching her in the forest; but he can't go through with it, and it is in the forest that Snow White encounters the seven dwarves who in this version are badass thieves and brigands.

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  • She also encounters the handsome prince, on whom the Queen also has set her sights: Armie Hammer. But what about the classic "mirror" scene, referenced in the title? That compelling moment when the mirror tells this woman that she is losing her beauty, and a younger generation is taking over? The film completely fudges the whole issue.