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He writes me letters. Sends them by express mail. He is a madman.


This seemed a bit odd coming from the man who took stiletto heels from the world of prostitutes and introduced them into society. They accentuate the length and contour of the ankle and leg while curving the foot, making it seem smaller. High heels are an erotic pedestal. They tilt the breasts forward, pull the stomach in, and push the rear out. As William A. Photographs by Michael Roberts.

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Blahnik knows this well. I happen to love artifice in a woman. Without that, there is no mystery. High heels create artifice. You become a living sculpture. The sexual part means nothing. This kind of talk drives George Malkemus crazy. The shoe is sex.

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Obsessives stalk Blahnik. On the train from Bath to London one day, a woman recognized him and started talking about shoes. One terribly famous movie star used to wander frequently into his New York store and sit for hours, watching women try on shoes. Blahnik appears each year in America with his new collections for Neiman Marcus, and women swoon when he shows up.

In one store. The women fall all over him.

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They bring him bags full of shoes to sign. They are insane. It is a peculiar fact about Blahnik that women feel they can tell him anything. Customers will describe the most intimate details of their sex lives—and the effect his shoes have had on them. There are times when their comments leave him gasping for air.

In June, a book about Blahnik and his work will appear in England, and, with the help of his twenty-six-year-old niece, an architect who recently graduated from Cambridge, he has spent a good deal of time cataloguing and organizing his shoes. The book is written by a British journalist, and Blahnik has no connection with the project, although he was granted the right to approve the pictures.

He views the book mostly as a way to put his designs into some coherent order. He pulled out a classic hiking boot made in Corinthian leather and a construction boot with a three-inch heel. And this is quite funny, and what about the L. Bean look over here. And look, look! There are work-boot high heels. And these are high-heeled gardening shoes. Very practical. He means that, by the way. Blahnik says he loves it when women wear his shoes in the mud. He may be obsessed with cleanliness, but he likes his shoes to get a workout. I asked what he meant about a wedding in Africa.

I made it up. It has to be hot. In Africa you can wear this. Not here. In Africa. She has about a million pairs. Blahnik froze. How dare she talk that way about Marilyn Monroe, the woman who marked the century? Blahnik claims that he wants his shoes to be comfortable. I heard from quite a few others, however, including some of his fans, who said that they were among the most highly refined torture chambers ever invented. One friend bombarded me with E-mail calling him a misogynist and a psychopath. I asked if he ever felt sorry for all those women teetering through their lives on the spikiest of high-heeled shoes.

I love Madonna, you have to admire her. She hides her lack of talent so well. On a wall nearby, there is a picture of Blahnik from , when he lived in Notting Hill. A mop of hair is piled on top of his head. With bangs. He looks mod, swingerish, almost cool. He is much more distinguished-looking now. There are women who like the shoes I make. For other women, there are other shoes. We reached the final set of cabinets near the back of the house—his fantasy collection, full of pastels and flowers. Look at the lime-green sandal. Guest look. I did this one for Bianca.

Look at the little foot. She has such tiny, tiny feet. That was my first shoe. My very first shoe— How embarrassing. He hates platforms and never made another. Simply hideous. Anything to do with the current rage makes me sick. Did you ever watch the fashion channel? If you look at it for ten minutes then you realize how horrible and stupid this business is.

How shameful and pretentious. There was just an attic left, and it could be reached only by a dangerous-looking ladder.

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I passed. It is so sick. Come on, be honest. Manolo Blahnik was born in , in the Canary Islands.

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I thought that they were so exciting. I still do. It was often a lonely childhood, though Blahnik says he never minded. For fun, he would capture lizards and make shoes for them out of tinfoil that his mother saved from cartons of Camel cigarettes. Blahnik also made shoes—of ribbon or lace—for dogs, cats, birds, and anything else he could get his hands on.

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There was nothing there but what came out of our brains. We got everything by boat from Argentina. My mother had Vogue, of course, and Bazaar, and my father took Time and Life. We would wait every Friday for the boats to dock with all those packages of magazines.

High-Heel Heaven

I can still see them wrapped up so neatly and tied in bundles. And that was my life. Can you imagine? By the time he was twelve, Blahnik and his sister, Evangelina, who is a year younger, were as inundated with culture as two children living on a remote Spanish island could be—piano lessons, ballet, instruction in several languages, even Swedish gymnastics.

I live there still in my memory.