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The mixture of known facts and imag- inative speculation makes the story credible. Third in a series. A collection of animal poems about dogs, cats, horses, whales, giraffes, badgers and many others. Well known authors as Lear, Milne, Rich- ards, Field, etc. Many old favorite poems as well as less-familiar ones that are equally delightful.

Here are poems for every season of the year, and for almost every activity that children would be concerned with. Haliburton A wide variety of children's experiences are included in this book. The poems are appealing and natural. Black and white drawings en- hance the charm of the poems.

12 Tall Tale Mini-books

This book of poems is delightful from the introduction "Keep a poem in your pocket" to the last little nonsense rhyme. There is a musical lilt that adds enchantment to the poems, as well as very fine illus- trations. An adventure story of the north in which a family establishes fur farms and has many exciting experiences. Idle and mischievous Tom may be, but his many daring plans and schemes are told with humor and originality. These stories include: Mowgli's brothers; Kaa's hunting; How fear came; Tiger! Two boys and a girl stowaway aboard the space ship 'Albatross' on its first trip to Mars.

In this story about a family, immediately after World War n in a bombed-out district of Germany, the mother and her four children leave a warm feeling of affection and understanding, surviving war conditions. International goodwill. Strange adventures of a small boy and a big black bear. Edition Written by John Hunt who organized and travelled with the expedi- tion.

The careful planning, the perilous journey, the heartbreaks and the final triumph are interestingly described. This story picks up where 'Treasure Island' left off. You will meet the old characters and swing along with them into further breath- taking pirate hunts. Montgomery 6. The struggle of two brothers to survive as trappers in the Northwest a century ago, among hostile Indians. A good story in an easy style, with respect for disciplined skill and loyalty. A mystery story set in a lonely mountain region.

The story of a young girl who thwarts the efforts of a bandit to steal her father's gold. A boy and his horse survive a shipwreck. They work together and the horse becomes a great racer. In the South Sea Islands a lone boy and his dog set out in a canoe to meet and conquer his fear of the sea. The story of young Prince Michael and his black horse Midnight who are separated in Europe during a bombing raid and reunited in America. Jewett 6.

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An unusually satisfactory and well-constructed mystery story about a haunted house on the New England sea coast. A group of pleasant children give a young girl the feeling of being loved and wanted and needed. The story of Robin, crippled son of a great lord, who overcomes his handicap and wins his knighthood by an act of great courage. The story of a small boy on a trip to Berlin who was robbed of his money and is determined to get it back.

Mary Soon Lee: Bibliography

Adventure and mystery story for children. Young Duff experiences all the thrill and danger of war when he becomes a member of Roger's Rangers and fights around Lake Champlain during the French and Indian war. A story of Mr. Doll and their three children and black Dinah, the nurse, who are shipwrecked on the shore of a tropical island. An adventure story of the north. A fast moving adventure story which is a universal favorite with children. When Aig-mei gave the green ginger jar to her new friend she did not know that her Grandmother looked upon it as a treasure.

So she and her brother, Lu Chen, start on a search for the jar, and after exciting adventures they find it. Swift The extraordinary voyages into extraordinary nations in which Gulliver encounters little people, giants and many other amazing creatures. The land of dykes and windmills is brought to life in this story of Hans and Gretel and the winning of the silver skates.

Rapaport The motto above the door of the Whiteley's country home is "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her". A new family grows to love animals and wildlife and learns the true meaning of the motto. The story is well developed. About little Tien Pao separated from his family by war, seeking them amidst incredible hardship, bravely helping an American airman.

Interesting illustra- tions. Realism, but a beautiful book, and rare at this age level.


A sequel to Tom Sawyer — full of wit and realism. Mary Jemison was just a little girl when she was captured by the Indians and taken to live in their village. Jerusha stays with her Great Uncle Bertie and his Jamaican servants. She hears talks of ghosts, and one evening sees a strange object float- ing over the house — a balloon.

How she discovers the true nature of the mytery makes a lively story. Stories of the jungle life of Mowgli who was adopted by the wolf pack and taught the laws of the jungle. David Balfour's uncle was determined that David would not get the family fortune which was rightly his. David is 'sold' aboard a pirate ship which is wrecked. About Jerome the hermit, his family of skunks and raccoons, particu- larly Old Grouch, and the feud between Emmy Lou and Donald Cabot, two young neighbors.

This story is about Kristli Eby, a little Ontario Mennonite boy; there is a picture of him up to his shoulders in the flooded river, trying to rescue a hen off a floating coop. A sympathetic treatment of a minor- ity people, written with genuine understanding of a child's mind, by a well-known Canadian teacher. The story of a collie's return trip to his master.

Ben and his Indian pony, a little appaloosa, gallop across the range, take part in cattle round-ups and help to save the life of the chief of an Indian tribe. The story of Johnny Appleseed who loved apple trees and who made it his mission to plant them all over America. An adventure story for boys who are beginning to like the easier adult books. The problem of surviving in the North is consistent with realism. Clear, direct style; rather mature. Ten-year-old Edward defends his home against the Indians, by using his father's old Spanish gun. A fast moving adventure story and a universal favorite of children.

A story of the Moffat family who number five and have the usual family troubles and fun.

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  6. Elmer wanted to fly more than anything else in the world. Then he met the dragon who had a long tail, yellow and blue stripes and gold- colored wings. The story of a young boy and his colt on a ranch in Wyoming. A ranch and horse story of the west. The kidnapping of Otto and his adventures among rough soldiers; a tale of the olden days and robber barons.

    Sailor Shanties

    A toy canoe, carved by a young Indian boy is launched on Lake Nipigon and travels through all the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river to the Atlantic. Adventure and mystery stories for children. Two children walk straight into adventure when they go to a forgotten village on the Thames. They manage to track down a plot to smuggle explosives into the country. The day-to-day life of the children and teacher of a little one-room school during the winter of , from the first snow through the great blizzard.

    A strange and wonderful tale of a shipwrecked mariner who lived alone on a desert island off the east coast of South America for twenty-eight years. Rufus is only a young rat but his friend Conrad teaches him to Lowe the sea and to be brave. His adventures with fire and water and his loyalty to the good ship Isobella' make him a hero. Four motherless children develop a scheme for taking turns on suc- cessive Saturdays in spending their allowances.

    The story of whaling as seen through the eyes of a young ship's boy and his lucky mascot, an ivory seabird. The stirring adventures of twins who flee from England, and the evil designs of an uncle, to Norway where they hope to find their lost father. The story takes the reader back to the Middle Ages. Deportment of Education.