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Bank matters have engrossed me, and He had made the masculine mistake of accusing, in forgives a man anything, Her low laugh everything, save the slight confessed. Heaven forbid that one should parse has been, alas I it in the singular! And social as usual. Newfield society Until this moment was not aware that the individual Newfielder had neg- How lected me. Her lorgnette, lowered for a moment, was relifted. He seized two chairs vacated at the moment, and drew them into a vacant corner.

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Not until he was seated by her " side, did he betray that he had heard her. Newfield must have become a very abomination of desolation to have driven you to the Shakespeare Club, to escape it. I have not seen much of Newfield and was inspired to renew the acquaintlooks about the same old thing," he added. It "The Misses Hunter are still on the scent, I see ; and plume themselves and twitter in characteristic fashion. So the Bushings are away, Mrs.


They come in honor of Bill's handsome bride, of course but Newfield takes the honor to itself, and a local boom for Bill, financial and political, I don't mind telling you that I wish the pois assured. Without him the slow old 'National could not stand against ; ' ' ' here he comes, with all his surMrs. Senator, how goes Nebraska? Bill, I think I have not yet con- me. Talk of the devil! Words are inadequate good fortune, Mrs. Bushing The bride smiled and blushed. Bounds," he said, " Jack Holbrook should not be having things all his own way with your charming sister to-night.

Rounds's Steele, with a ing, will " bow you not say amendment is accepted," in Isolde's direction. Rushchair "? Ours and she has yet to change her gown, leaves in an hour, and all that. Rushing confessed to the change of gown, but " all that " to be a " We libel. She comes from Kansas, you know, and looks down on Nebraskan ; politics. The geographical fact that she should look up to them, goes for nothing with her.

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She reserves her attitude toward Colorado politics till Bill enters them. Rush- making her adieux. The happy party passed ing, on. Althea's eyes followed them. Rushing," she remarked, " woman.

What are they? Evidently the instant elucidation of subtle political problems presented no more difficulty to her feminine mind than the enum- eration of so many gilded buttons. Rushing has brain as well as wealth,! The Governorship will be he consents to the nomination. As Isolde left the floor, escorted whose smiling blue eyes, like miniature heavens, beamed impartially on everything and everybody within their range of vision, Steele rose and by quadrille ended.

She wore a Grecian gown of unrelieved white, and her hair, innocent of bang or crimp, was drawn back from her forehead in a simple Psyche knot. Every eye in the room was fixed upon her. She felt rather extricate than heard, the criticisms that followed her. Her 49 active figure bristled with fluttering Her ribbons, reminding one of an animated May-pole. Not a bit of style," repeated Cilly. Impudence simplicity,? She resisted it loyher social inexperience, she told herself, ally. Her heaviness, not their lightness, was at fault.

She smiled at a sally of the blue-eyed Beboy's beside her, but the smile did not deceive him. I suppose that little affairs cannot be expected to amuse "Have you found it so difficult to asked with mischievous mimicry. Holbrook is saying," she laughed to Althea, as " that the West is not reached her, they yet up, socially, " in frills and fixings.

Eeal-estate interests 'oblige. Then you yourself are unknown. That Harriman is? The Steele, as he bowed.

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He then shyly noticed that ; her lashes were long and thick, with tips that curled coquettishly upward, casting a semicircular shadow upon Her hand stole into his. He more clasped warmly, because he had not invited It had come of her own will. Harriman is not quite a stranger to me," she beThe shy flush in her cheeks deepened.

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Just at that gan. Her gentle voice was rendered inaudible. With a little shrug and smile she turned away and took a seat beside her soft young cheeks. He followed her with a secret imprecation upon the inopportune fortissimos which had silenced her impul- Why was not he quite a stranger to her, he She must be either very simple or very guileGuileful?

Her shy ful, to make such an admission. His eyes wandered to her white gown, falling in graceful folds from throat to feet. Then, involuntarily, they sought sive words. The contrast struck him almost For the second time he cursed his folly. The painfully. With an amused sense of the incongruity of the thing, he asked her for the waltz. Newfield feet had not yet mastered the subtleties of the waltz-reverse, and the couples who had not come to open were bobbing about in an out-of-step manner, or breaking at will into polka or galop, heedless of the As Steele and Isolde made a cirmusic's tune and time.

Behind her lorgnette Althea smiled at the general verdict. It was, that they made a handsome couple. As the waltz ended, Isolde returned, flushed and smiling. I Do I betray the novice am, mitted. Harriman," replied Althea, with a daring look Harrimanward. Bounds," laughed Steele. We clubmen have our private nooks, you know, which even the Shakespeare Club may not invade uninvited.

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Dumond, me 53 " I will follow when the club president, who moment is gesticulat- most appealing manner. With a smile Steele offered his arm. As she took it he caught a whiff of fragrance so faint as to be rather a sweet suggestion than a perceptible Always thereafter the memory of that fragrance was associated with her in his thoughts. It was not a sensuous memory. Even in that first hour of acquaintance, while the girl was still virtually unknown to him, it impressed him as the fragrance exhaled from a pure odor.

The crowd swept them on. It surged down the long young stairs in a noisy torrent. Girls pressed close to the es- corts who, in rural reversal of matters, their arms.

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A few young men were hanging on straddled the baluster and sped down, cheered by the spectators. A challenge was sent out for a girl to follow suit, a kiss from the man of her choice being proposed as her reward. The crowd waited. Suddenly a girl sprung from the upper staii-, and mounting the baluster, flashed down the flight before her intention from the men.


From was realized. The women A tittered the lower landing roar of laughter rose more or less indul- came the noise of a playful scuffle, followed by a long, loud, sibilant sound, at which Isolde flushed up to her small ears, and looked startled. Smaller tables were ranged against the wall one of these, set in the alcove of an To open window, the young banker led Isolde.

She took her seat in silence, and turned her face to the night. In truth, she was somewhat embarrassed.