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PDF Santa Does A Drive By On The Easter Bunny

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Santa Cruz Easter Sunday Events Brunch & Easter Egg Hunts

Advance pre-paid reservations are required. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover cards, and personal checks. When reservations are received, accompanied by the necessary funds, the reservations will be confirmed to you via mail. Your confirmation letter must be presented to the Ticket Agent, at the railroad station, to receive your tickets. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of departure are non-refundable.

Get PDF Santa Does A Drive By On The Easter Bunny

The Santa Claus Limited as it is now known, has operated in one form or another since the Winter of O nce on board Santa will come and visit with each child on the train. Train departs at am, am and pm.

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Tickets Now Available. Tickets will sell out quickly for this event! Visit us online or call us today to purchase your tickets for this season. Don't miss the chance to share this holiday favorite with your family! Guests on board will enjoy hot chocolate and a cookie while listening and reading along with the magical story.

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  8. Experience the joy of watching the children's faces when the train arrives at the "North Pole," where Santa Claus and his helpers will be waiting. You will surely want to make this an annual holiday tradition. Dates for this year's exciting event will be November 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29 and 30; December 1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15, Entertainment Inc.

    Is it wrong to encourage your kids to believe in the Easter Bunny ?

    Don't forget your Basket. Come and meet the Easter Bunny and hunt for his Golden Egg. The egg hunt is open to ages 8 and under. Reservations are recommended. Train operates rain or shine. L ook for tickets to be available in January Tickets Now Available Online. There are two options for tickets to Day Out With Thomas in The general public will be offered a chance to operate one of many historic diesel-electric locomotives on the Whitewater Valley Railroad main line as a guest engineer.

    Each guest engineer will participate in a brief operational training session before sitting at the throttle for 30 minutes of actual hands-on locomotive operations. The locomotive will operate "light", without attached train cars. I hated lying to him. Plus, I was a teeny bit tired of all these imaginary beings getting the credit for my hard work. So I decided that the next time he asked, I would tell him. My opening came when he was 10, on a night he lost another tooth.

    He let me know he lost it, holding it up so we could place it under his pillow. I took a deep breath, and finally revealed the truth. His eyes got really big. I thought that maybe I had scarred him by telling him these lies, admitting now that none of it was true. But he grinned really big. All right, I admit it. I let him believe it for just a few seconds more.

    Of course, this led to questions about the Easter Bunny, and then, sigh, Santa Claus. Not really. Truth is, my kid took it in stride. We made our own magic with each special celebration, building on our own traditions and rituals instead of relying on imaginary beings. With Easter just around the corner for those who celebrate, I wonder how many of you have grappled with the same thing.

    Is it wrong to encourage belief in holiday characters like the Easter bunny, Santa, and every other imaginary holiday creature? And if your kid does believe, what are some of the special things you do to keep the magic going? Crissi Langwell is a Petaluma local, blended family mom to three young adults, and author of a bunch of books.