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He is broad shouldered, well-muscled, and looks like the rugged star of a truck ad. After Rhonda and Gerry got married, they wanted a couple of kids, like everybody else. What makes them extraordinary is that Rhonda has two vaginas, and two uteri, which left her unable to carry a child to term. These hard-working, attractive, staunchly middle class folks are much more sympathetic than the stereotypical surrogate parent—for example, uber-wealthy, Park Avenue-dwelling Alex Kuczynski , who wrote about her experience with surrogacy for the New York Times magazine a few years ago, or singer Elton John —which is probably why Steiner focuses on them.

To her credit, Steiner does ask some of those difficult questions: for instance, whether an embryo is a person, or whether the slum-dwellers in India who are bearing babies for relatively well-off Americans being exploited. But Steiner often leaves those questions hanging in the air without examining them. And when she does provide answers, they are colored by her desire to show that surrogacy is a beautiful, worthy, life-affirming practice. Reading The Baby Chase , you learn that 10 to 12 percent of couples are infertile. You discover that blocked tubes, polycystic ovarian syndrome and low sperm count are common causes of infertility.

Kane ended up turning against surrogacy and became an advocate for the National Coalition Against Surrogacy. New Arrivals. From the New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love comes a riveting new narrative about surrogate pregnancy from both sides of the equation—the parents and the gestational carrier. Once considered a desperate, even morally suspect option, surrogacy is now sweeping headlines, transforming the lives of celebrity mothers and fathers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Elton John, and changing the face of motherhood and the American family.

But how much do we really know about it? And is it really as easy and accessible — emotionally, financially, legally and physically — as magazines make it out to be? We often hear about successful outcomes, but little about the journey — about the precious hope that starts it all, the ups and downs of finding a surrogate, the heartache and obstacles, the risks and expenses at every step, or the unbelievable joy when years of determination pay off.

In The Baby Chase, acclaimed writer Leslie Morgan Steiner weaves three stories together — of a nurse, a firefighter, and the Indian gestational carriers and doctors who helped them — to provide one intensely personal look at what makes surrogacy so controversial, fascinating, and in some cases, the only ray of hope for today's infertile parents-to-be. She is a frequent speaker on surviving domestic abuse, and her TED Talk on relationship violence has been viewed by over one million people worldwide.

Who Becomes a Surrogate?

From to , she wrote the popular "On Balance" blog for washingtonpost. She now lives in Washington, D. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Original pages.

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How Commercial Surrogacy Became a Massive International Business

See more. How to Get Pregnant. Sherman J.

A complete update of a classic. Silber is the preeminent expert in the field of male and female fertility problems. The media world will eagerly welcome Dr. Silber to discuss the latest developments in infertility treatment. Jacqueline Mroz. As typical as donor-conceived children have become, with at least a million such children in the US alone, their experiences are still unusual in many ways. In Scattered Seeds, journalist and writer Jacqueline Mroz looks at the growth of sperm donation and assisted reproduction and how it affects the children who are born, the women who buy and use the sperm to have kids, and the sperm donors who donate their genetic material to help others procreate.

Commercial Surrogacy Exploiting Women Of The Developing World?

With empathy and in-depth analysis, Scattered Seeds explores the sociology, psychology, and anthropology surrounding those connected with fertility procedures today and looks back at the history that brought us to this point. The personal stories in this book will put a human face on the issues and help to illuminate this country's controversial and troubling unregulated fertility industry-an industry that has been compared to the Wild, Wild West, where anything goes. What is the human cost of our country's unregulated fertility industry?

How are the lives of sperm-donor families changed? Scattered Seeds will answer those questions, considering carefully the social and psychological dynamics surrounding those connected with fertility procedures today. Making Finn. Susan Newham-Blake.

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Susan's childhood dream of becoming a mother has not diminished with the revelation, alarming both to herself and her bewildered family, that she does, in fact, 'bat for the other team'. Having made peace with her identity and having finally found a beloved partner, she is now faced with a daunting problem: with no penis around, how the hell do you make babies? Time is of the essence: at 34 years old, Susan cannot afford to waste another moment.

And so begins an unconventional journey to parenthood with some agonising decisions along the way. Should she accept help from a close and willing friend or go the anonymous sperm donor route? What are the legal and psychological implications of her options? How will her child be affected? Told with disarming honesty, Making Finn is a warm, witty and moving first-person account of two women's quest to create a family.

Victoria Hopewell.

Going On 'The Baby Chase' From Arizona To India | KPBS

Victoria Hopewell was a forty-something divorced clinical psychologist when she met and married a longtime bachelor whose ninety-year-old parents were anxiously waiting for a grandchild. Problem was, even though Victoria had two young daughters from a previous marriage, her intense desire to create a baby with her new husband was thwarted by her own body. Her eggs were aging faster than her healthy hormones and youthful appearance would suppose.

Desperate to bear a child, willing to undergo every procedure from Lupron shots through egg harvesting and in vitro fertilization IVF , she is blocked at every corner of medical protocol from achieving her dream of a successful pregnancy. Finally she journeys toward acceptance of using a donor egg, much to the dismay of her growing daughters.

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But no eggs are available, and she is placed on a lengthy hospital waitlist. Victoria and her husband then embark on a surrealistic egg hunt to find their own donor. Follow her insider's account of the hidden world of egg donation-where women's eggs are bought and sold over the internet and a beautiful model with high SATs and a prior successful donation commands the highest prices.

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