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Need grilling tools and cleaning supplies? No problem.

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Shop online and choose the free in-store pickup option for quick service. Gas Grills. Great to start off your meal. Pairs nicely with: Any of our meat dishes. Pairs nicely with: Chicken, Salmon, or Salad dishes. Also good with dessert. Pairs nicely with: Salads or seafood. Fresh, lemon acidity with exotic fruits on the finish. Pairs nicely with: Seafood dishes.

Aromas of roasted nuts, latte, and dried berries with a supple, fruity medium body and a zesty, chocolate citrus peel, bacon bits, and earth accented finish with fine chewy tannins. Louis Style Ribs. Pairs nicely with: Brisket or Ribeye.

Pairs nicely with: Smoked Pork. Pairs nicely with: Ribeye or Brisket. Pairs nicely with: Brisket or Beef Ribs. Pairs nicely with: Filet or Beef Ribs. Pairs nicely with: Filet Mignon or Prime Rib. Without a brick and mortar restaurant, retaining staff is pretty difficult. I'm talking about good staff—people looking to make a career serving craft beer and barbecue to the public.

As a caterer, I was constantly hiring people who couldn't get hired elsewhere.

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Now don't get me wrong—I loved my merry band of degenerates who helped me smoke hog at my events. One of the saddest points of my life was when last summer ended and I accepted I wouldn't see my crew on a weekly basis anymore. But finding, training, and keeping staff around—people who are willing to learn and help grow a business—is a challenge without a room of your own.

In a previous life, I managed research teams covering three financial products located in Hong Kong, Budapest, and right here in New York City. I had an army of interns at my disposal to build new products, conduct data analysis, and, if I really wanted to, conquer a small Latin American country. None of that management training prepared me for securing a crew in the hospitality industry.

As we gear up looking for team members at my first restaurant, here's a look at a few common archetypes of staffers that I hired, fired, and unfortunately rehired in the interim. In my entire boring adult life, I have never had an encounter with cocaine. Actually, I was shocked cokeheads were still around.

Isn't meth supposed to be our vice of choice these days? Coke just sounds so '80s.

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But time and time again I get the friendly neighborhood cokehead, ready to do whatever work I can offer, front or back of house. A jacked-up cocaine addict actually does make a great employee.


They have energy for days. They're exuberant. And they're friendly. The only problem with cokeheads is their expiration date. After dealing with a few, I've set that date at three weeks from date of hire.

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After the third week you'll start getting the stomach issue excuse. The stomach issue is very useful for cokeheads—you gain access to plenty of bathroom time to refuel, and it's not as flaky of an excuse as having a headache. But cokeheads are also self-correcting. You never need to fire them because they naturally disappear on benders. When I see them again after a month in rehab or prison, they're sober and good to go for another three weeks. It's actually gotten to a point where I plot my staffing around phases of the cokehead cycle. The great injustice of the American prison system is the absence of any reform for the incarcerated.

Many violent offenders spend over a decade locked away from society, only with no help to integrate back in after they serve their time. When you spend that long in jail, all you know is the sociological framework of jail. It dictates your persona, your mannerisms. When inmates do leave the prison system, one of the few lines of work available to them is restaurants. I've had plenty of ex-cons on my payroll.

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Let's call one Todd. Todd had a very limited skill set. He didn't really move all that quickly and he couldn't really cook. He was, however, monstrously strong, a useful trait for working an event that involves lugging around pound pigs and kegs of beer. Todd was also the single most frightening-looking human being you will ever meet. The average badass would soil himself if he ran into Todd in a dark alley. Again, this is useful, especially when your business involves alcohol.

I never had trouble at events when Todd stood guard. At the end of the day, I'd head home carrying thousands of dollars in cash. With Todd at the driver's seat, no one bothered me.