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How long have you been writing? How did you start?

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Erik Deckers is a professional writer, book author, newspaper humor columnist, and public speaker. Like Like. Skip to content. Home Contact. Erik Deckers author interview July 31, July 30, 5 Minutes. How long have you been writing? How did you start? Who are some of your influences? What is your book about? Where did you get the idea? How long did it take you to finish it? As a LE personnel, there's slight unrealistic moments, but its only my perspective and doesn't hinder the novel in any way.

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Doesn't have any major faults, not for now at least, probably will edit this if there is one. This is great story. MC is smart and decisive. It does not feel like virtual world at all, it's more like another world. Death is real, and you can't quit the game. NPC characters have intelligence and personality, and so players call them natives.

I don't understand why this story has so low rating, it's definitely one of the best novels here.

Speak of the Devils

It might be because it's on Qidian, same goes for other stories like the castle of black iron. The details of what is going on haven't completely unfolded, and there is potential for some big changes as the MC is still in the tutorial stages. A lot of the world, both in game and out, has yet to be revealed so it's hard to make a judgement. At this juncture the in game setting reminds me of IET's Swallowed Star, but remains more grounded in present day and reality. That is to Just people doing bad things, at least that is my understanding at this point.

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You guys need to read this novel. Especially if you like terror infinity or the ultimate evolution.

It is a novel set in the future, maybe not even on earth, with a dying MC in need of a ton of money. More money than someone can earn in a normal lifespan. He spent a few years trying hard work to make that money.

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No where close to the amount he needs, he turns to an illegal vr game. The rumors said rich people play this vr for entertainment. He also heard they The only downside is that this vr is so realistic that it kills you if you die. It has a matrix feel to it, where you can't tell your in the vr. But it lacks a vr game novel feel. The constant reminder that the MC can die and the realism of the world, takes away that game feel and some readers may not like that.

I think this novel created a better world than ultimate evolution. It has a created a better setting in reality, different worlds, and side characters. The goal of the MC might be bland, to raise tons and tons of money to cure himself of a deadly disease; but, he has a goal and thats more than I can say for the MC of TUE.

I personally like the fact that npcs are called natives. They aren't AI programs but people. They have emotions and a purpose in the story. The greatest downside, that I see, is the difficulty of returning to a past world. Meaning, it's kinda emotional knowing the MC might never see a native on one world if a native fell for the MC, became the mc's best friend, or became the mc's master.

Maybe this changes in the future, where the MC can freely change to multiple worlds, but for now it's really hard for the MC to see past worlds or natives.

The Devil's Rock 2011

The writer and the translator did a good job though, even though the worlds are separated, it doesn't feel like multiple small stories loosely tied together. They all link up like puzzle pieces to make a great story. The MC does power up a little too fast in comparison to others, but it's reasonable. First, the MC could have been more op.

The parameters of the story does allow for the MC to power up further than he has, if he was smarter or stronger he could have earned better items or more IGC. So, you get the feeling that he isn't op because he could be stronger. Secondly, other players could be as strong as the MC if they were as reckless as him. He's dying. So, he takes risks that would kill him if he made a small mistake. The risks lead to rewards. Most other players are looking to survive or power up within reasonable limits.

That doesn't mean the MC is the strongest, just an exceptionally good newbie who can fight. A really good novel. To sum it up its the better Ultimate Evolution type novel in MC, characters, setting, logic, story telling, and action. I compare it to UE because they have many similarities and both suffer from the disease called Info Dumps, but at least in DC its only restricted to item descriptions.

"Spanish Fry" / "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"

It's just not good I went into it expecting a virtual reality novel based on the tag and description, but it doesn't feel like virtual reality at all Even with a realistic game that has no protections and can kill you i. Sword Art Online lol , you should still be able to clearly distinguish reality from virtual reality. If you like Terror Infinity type novels, this is more in line with that. C33 marks the end of the first arc. An entertaining read that it's style stands out from other game element novels Its like reading a game of Metal Gear Solid.

MC gets same skill set as Snake, and the first arc is like completing an extended mission. Here goes nothing: Downsides Every chapter, without exception has a cliffhanger at the end that is resolved in the first sentence of the next chapter. The worst part? Its unnessecary. This story is great as it is, both writing and storywise.

I would keep reading it even without the cliffs. The literally only reason the real world is ever mentioned in this novel is in the contex of: "So he took off the VR-headset, ate something, then put on the headset again" or one or two times when other "players" had to take care of stuff there Stuff: Stop other players from influencing their real-life which is in itself insanely hard to do because the game takes massive precautions to ensure a "level" playing field, without outside interference.

As to why that is? Read the spoiler. Once again: This isnt as bad as it sounds for several reasons, one of which is this story has one mainplot real-life but also a main-sub-plot The GameHub between dungeons "The City" inside the subplot Whichever "Dungeon" the MC enters Spoiler below , just because I am too lazy to differentiate. No major plotpoints revealed, mostly mechanics not even all of them. Someone is curious, huh? Hope your curiosity doesnt do you like the proverbial cat Lets dive into it.

Setting: Welcome to "The Game". Where the stake is your life and no price is never high enough to not be paid. The MC: Kieran, a terminally ill orphan without family, friends or really any reason to ever leave his appartment when he is not playing the game. Not you. Not the shadowy cabal of sourcerers behind you.