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The Sydney Morning Herald described her as a "year-old gangster's moll, heroin addict and prostitute who mingled with Sydney's most notorious criminals and blew the whistle on crooked cops. The cannon were manufactured in Russia and used in the Crimean War. They were captured by British Forces after the fall of Sevastopol. A number of them were given to various cities that had made a contribution to the war effort, with the result that two of them found their way to Centennial Park. They have been in the park since The Federation Pavilion, which encloses the Commonwealth Stone , is significant as the site of the official ceremony to mark the Federation of Australia and the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January An inscription around the pavilion is from a poem by Bernard O'Dowd , and reads: "Mammon or millennial Eden".

The building was renovated and plaques were added to celebrate the Centenary of the Federation of Australia on 1 January The Commonwealth Stone is made of sandstone , and it is almost the only remnant of the original pavilion used by Lord Hopetoun.

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Most of the structure rotted, being made of plaster of Paris ; the base survived and is now located in Cabarita Park. Grand Drive is the circular main road through the park. It runs for 3. The drive is separated into five concentric circles, with the outer track used for cycling or rollerblading, fourth largest for car driving, third for car parking and many trees, the second is a paved pathway for walking, also used for running, the smallest being a dirt track for horseriding.

In March , Centennial Parklands management issued a proposal for traffic calming measures at one of four identified blackspots on Grand Drive.

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Built adjacent is the Fairland Pavilion, the hosting area for various lunches and afternoon teas, also the location of the canteen, changerooms, scoreboard, first aid , and storerooms for the bulk of the sporting equipment. Centennial Park has a wide variety of wildlife that makes its home in the park or uses it frequently. The range includes pelicans, black swans , mallard ducks , White ducks , purple swamphens , Common moorhens , coots , Toulouse geese , Emden geese , turtles and eels, plus European carp that were introduced into the park's ponds and are now regarded as a pest.

The Future of Indian and Federal Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Centennial

There is also a colony of flying foxes in the Lachlan Swamp including the grey-headed flying fox , which began roosting there in Moore Park is a large urban park comprising hectares acres of open spaces and playing fields, including the ES Marks Athletics Field, an hole public golf course and golf driving range , tennis courts and netball courts. The park is also used as a venue for circuses and other outdoor events. The parkland located south of Paddington was named after Charles Moore, Mayor of Sydney from —69, who fought for the land to be dedicated as a leisure area for the people of Sydney and suburbs.

The land was part of hectares 1, acres originally set aside by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in for grazing and watering stock. Sydney's first zoo was established here in on 2. The zoological gardens covered 6. It was replaced by Sydney Girls High School , which opened on this site in Sydney Boys High School opened in on the remaining zoo land. An infamous pack rape crime occurred in the park, leading to the Mount Rennie rape case. Nine men were sentenced to death and four were hanged despite controversy.

The Golf House is a two-storey brick building with tiled roof and features a restaurant and bar with views of the golf course and a seat function centre with views towards the city. Constructed in in the park's northwestern corner is a rotunda , designed by the New South Wales Government Architect , that fell into disrepair by and was restored in Road tolls were collected from travellers journeying between Sydney and La Perouse or Randwick Racecourse.

Queen's Park is a hectare acre urban park set in a natural amphitheatre at the foot of dramatic sandstone cliffs, with panoramic views, that forms part of the Centennial Parklands. It was dedicated with Centennial Park in as part of the centenary celebrations of European settlement in Australia [38] through the enactment of the Centennial Celebrations Act Numerous playing fields are located on the southern and western flatter sections of the park.

It has been used for sports fields since Moriah College , which is located on the park's western boundary, also uses the park for their PDHPE lessons and other schools in Sydney also use the park. The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust undertook major renovations of Queen's Park in to improve the quality of the playing fields which are used daily.

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As at 25 September , Centennial Parklands is a unique place of exceptional National, State and Local heritage significance. It is a grand, linked open space of largely nineteenth-century landscape design intended for social and physical activity. The Parklands has developed at the head of the Botany Bay catchment in an area originally part of the territory of the Gadi people on lands designated in as the Sydney Common.

The Parklands retains evidence of the original landforms and plays a vital role in sustaining natural processes and biological diversity on a scale that is rare in the inner urban environment.

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The Parklands has national significance as the place of the inauguration of the nation, the creation of a People's Park, events, persons and monuments of national importance. The place also has strong associations with convict heritage, pathways and transportation routes, water supply, horticultural and agricultural experimentation, nature conservation, military use, and a diversity of sport, recreation and cultures.

Centennial Parklands retains rare evidence of the original geodiversity, biodiversity, and ecosystems of the area known today as the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The natural basin in which the Parklands is situated retains its hydrological and ecological function as the head of the Botany Bay catchment. The waterbodies and vegetation in the Parklands continue to provide rare habitat for a wide diversity of indigenous flora and fauna within a highly urbanised area. The Parklands provides habitat for rare and threatened species and contains remnants of an endangered ecological community, Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, which covered much of the area prior to European contact.

The natural significance of the Parklands underpins its value to current and future generations and to the regional environment. Today's Parklands forms a part of a complex of Indigenous places used as a natural resource for social, ceremonial and subsistence purposes in the pre-colonial and post-contact periods. The traditional Gadigal cultural landscape included a detailed knowledge of the land and resources of today's Parklands, which allowed the Gadi people as custodians to manage them and look after them properly.

In return the land looked after the Gadi. The springs, wetlands and remnant vegetation that can still be found in the Parklands today continue to represent an important biological resource which would have been a useful source of fresh water, plants and animals through the generations. It is therefore probable that the Gadi people used the area for camping, food collecting and other activities in the pre-colonial period.

Known associations during the post-contact era include camping and food collecting visits, employment, military activities, sport, cultural events and leisure. The maintenance of ongoing spiritual and other associations with Country continues to be important to Indigenous Australians who wish to care for this place as a cultural landscape.

Centennial Parklands is highly valued for its space, scale, beauty and grandeur and for the rarity and diversity of its Natural, Indigenous and Cultural heritage. For many individuals, groups and the community as a whole, Centennial Parklands is a cultural landscape that continues to play an important and vital role in personal and social histories.

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The place retains significant associations with the development of the early colony of NSW, the establishment and design of parks and gardens for the public good, and prominent events. These include the Centenary and Bicentenary of the establishment of the NSW colony, inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia in , the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and the Centenary of Federation celebrations in Centennial Parklands is highly significant for its leisure and sporting heritage.