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Clarke said in congressional testimony. Indeed, the U. Thirty years later, Prince Mohammed, now 58, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates, is arguably the most powerful leader in the Arab world. He is also among the most influential foreign voices in Washington, urging the United States to adopt his increasingly bellicose approach to the region. Prince Mohammed is almost unknown to the American public and his tiny country has fewer citizens than Rhode Island. But he may be the richest man in the world. His influence operation in Washington is legendary Mr.

Clarke got rich on his payroll. At times, the prince has contradicted American policy and destabilized neighbors. Rights groups have criticized him for jailing dissidents at home, for his role in creating a humanitarian crisis in Yemen , and for backing the Saudi prince whose agents killed the dissident writer Jamal Khashoggi. Yet under the Trump administration, his influence in Washington appears greater than ever. Western diplomats who know the prince — known as M.

One of the most powerful men on Earth just got more powerful

Trump has sought to move strongly against both and last week took steps to bypass congressional opposition to keep selling weapons to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. When it comes to influence in Washington, Mr. Prince Mohammed worked assiduously before the presidential election to crack Mr. Today, at least five people working for Prince Mohammed have been caught up in criminal investigations growing out of that inquiry. A regular visitor to the United States for three decades, Prince Mohammed has now stayed away for two years, in part because he fears prosecutors might seek to question him or his aides, according to two people familiar with his thinking.

His brother, the foreign minister, has visited. By arming the United Arab Emirates with such advanced surveillance technology, commandos and weaponry, argued Tamara Cofman Wittes, a former State Department official and fellow at the Brookings Institution. Most Arab royals are paunchy, long-winded and prone to keep visitors waiting. Not Prince Mohammed. He stays slim and fit, trades tips with visitors about workout machines, and never arrives late for a meeting. American officials invariably describe him as concise, inquisitive, even humble.

He pours his own coffee, and to illustrate his love for America, sometimes tells visitors that he has taken his grandchildren to Disney World incognito. He makes time for low-ranking American officials and greets senior dignitaries at the airport. With a shy, lopsided smile, he will offer a tour of his country, then climb into a helicopter to fly his guest over the skyscrapers and lagoons of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the capital, Abu Dhabi, he has overseen a construction craze that has hidden the former coastline behind man-made islands. One is intended to become a financial district akin to Wall Street. Another includes a campus of New York University, a franchise of the Louvre and a planned extension of the Guggenheim.

When he meets Americans, Prince Mohammed emphasizes the things that make the United Arab Emirates more liberal than their neighbors. Women have more opportunities: A third of the cabinet ministers are female. The country is estimated to have nine million residents, but fewer than a million citizens; the rest are foreign workers.

John R. Allen, former commander of United States and N. In , when the U. The Muslim Brotherhood, a year-old Islamist movement founded in Egypt, has become mainstream in many Arab countries.

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On that subject, Prince Mohammed says his dread is more personal. He worries about the appeal of Islamist politics to his population. For that reason, diplomats say, Prince Mohammed has long argued that the Arab world is not ready for democracy. Islamists would win any elections. The United Arab Emirates began allowing American forces to operate from bases inside the country during the Persian Gulf war of He has recruited American commanders to run his military and former spies to set up his intelligence services.

He also acquired more weaponry in the four years before than the other five Gulf monarchies combined, including 80 F fighters, 30 Apache combat helicopters, and 62 French Mirage jets. With advice from former top military commanders including former Secretary of Defense James Mattis and General Allen, Prince Mohammed has even developed an Emirati defense industry, producing an amphibious armored vehicle known as The Beast and others that he is already supplying to clients in Libya and Egypt. The United Arab Emirates are also preparing a low-altitude propeller-driven bomber for counterinsurgency combat — an idea Mr.

Mattis had long recommended for the United States, a former officer close to him said.

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Prince Mohammed has often told American officials that he saw Israel as an ally against Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel trusted him enough to sell him upgrades for his Fs, as well as advanced mobile phone spyware. Prince Mohammed seemed to find a kindred spirit when President Barack Obama took office in , White House aides said.

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Both were detached, analytic and intrigued by big questions. For a time, Mr. Obama sought out phone conversations with Prince Mohammed more than with any other foreign leader, several senior White House officials recalled. But the Arab Spring came between them.

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Uprisings swept the region. The Muslim Brotherhood was winning elections.

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And Mr. Obama appeared to endorse the demands for democracy — though in Syria, where the uprising threatened a foe of the Emiratis, he balked at military action. Then it emerged that the Obama administration was in secret nuclear talks with Iran. Bush who has stayed close to the prince. At home, Prince Mohammed hired a company linked to Erik Prince, the founder of the private security company formerly known as Blackwater, to create a force of Colombian, South African and other mercenaries. He crushed any hint of dissent, arresting five activists for organizing a petition for democratic reforms signed by only people and rounding up dozens suspected of sympathizing with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The United Arab Emirates revved up its influence machine in Washington, too. They earned good will with million-dollar donations after natural disasters, and they sought to frame public debate by giving millions more to major think tanks. Its chairman is Mr.

Clarke, the former official who pushed through the U. After leaving government in , he had also founded a consultancy with the United Arab Emirates as a primary client. He did not respond to requests for comment. Obama was ceding the region to extremists and Iran. The prince himself made the case at the highest levels. In the Middle East, Prince Mohammed did more than talk.

In Egypt, he backed a military takeover in that removed an elected president who was a Muslim Brotherhood leader. In the Horn of Africa, he dispatched a force to Somalia first to combat piracy and then to fight extremists. I recommend reading this with a light attitude and for fun.

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Don't take it to serious, and you will have a great time. Also, if you can't stand heartbreak, don't get attached to characters. It's in the tags. Review on the writing, and enjoyment. If you can't enjoy it because of these things, don't read it. Though these points may spoil you, it may convince you to read or not to read the story. I read this a long time ago, and may not exactly remember the experience, but I have to say, I remember it to be refreshing, and generally satisfying. In a way that it wasn't a cliff, but it also wasn't detailed at the end, it was unique and that shocked me.

The MLs are not the same people in the next world Even though I wished I could see some of them The MLs leads are very interesting, and I liked them, sad to not see more of them. This was funny, and a good read to binge. Some of it made me cry This is a harem because the most powerful keeps changing.

At the beginning we see the MC cold and indifferent and a bit clever, he changes dramatically I'm very confused but truly invested in the story, there's not much in aspect to action since the whole novel revolves in the relationship of the main character and those golden thighs. Translation is great and could continuously be read without problems. Great work Translator-sama! Now what I'm confused about is not only the aggrievating pain on who the hell the ML is but also who the flipflops are the people the others are talking about. Who's Edwin, Xavier and Etc.??!!

Maximinus Thrax intimidated ancient Romans with his massive physique

Am I missing something? Good fast paced read. You will love this if you like super dark and gorgeous yandere type ml. As well as if you like imprisonment play type stories. Also, this might cure you of your love of imprisonment type stories I actually felt very tired for mc's poor soul a few times.