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He told me that I should continue to meditate, practice Yoga, and serve others in whatever way I could. When I returned to Japan I tried my best to follow his advice. And there were accusations that he had been kicked out of the organizations for sexual misconduct.

Even after the founder of the organization had died there was a weird power struggle between two of the swamis that were supposed to take over the ashram that involved kidnapping, death threats, and inappropriate sexual relations to put it mildly. But I put my concerns aside and committed myself to following this person and dutifully doing the meditation techniques he taught as well as buying many of his books and reading through them over and over thinking that I would gain a deeper understanding of what had at this point radically changed my life.

And I did have some pretty amazing experiences. I spent 21 days in something the Yoga traditions call the Turiya State.

On Oct. Suddenly, I realized that if everything in the world is Shiva and Shiva is Bliss, then everything must be Bliss. At the moment of that realization the entire room where I was reading became filled with bliss. All the objects became vibration of deep bliss and joy and part of me. Later on I would realize how appropriate it was that I was sitting on the toilet at the time.

For 21 days after that I experienced everyone and everything as bliss and joy. Imagine being in a great mood every waking moment because everything seemed to be this ecstatic joy radiating from within you.


This was what it was like for me for that entire time. After the 21st day the bliss slowly began to wear off and I eventually returned to a normal state of mind, though I could still access that intense bliss and joy if I concentrated on it. Another odd occurrence that began happening to me I called night visions. For about a month every time I would lay down to sleep and close my eyes I would feel a strong tingling almost like electricity in the center of my brow just above my eyes where the Third eye or Ajna Chakra is supposedly located.

As soon as the tingling started I would start having strange visions of alien looking worlds and sometimes other beings. I also felt like I was flying sometimes. I never spoke with the aliens or made contact, but sometimes it did seem as if they were aware of me.


During this entire time I was wide awake. The night visions would usually last about 10—30 minutes. After they were over I would stay awake for another 20—30 minutes thinking about them. The visions lasted for about one month and then after that only came occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. They were always interesting and pleasant and I looked forward to them. And of course these coupled with the Turiya State I had experienced made me think that I was making rapid progress, that I was well on my way to achieving enlightenment.

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In March I returned to the ashram in Melbourne for a week-long meditation retreat. During the entire week I felt amazingly energetic. Despite the fact that I had a cold, I literally felt 20 years younger during the entire time I was there. I practiced meditation 2—3 hours a day, attended Yoga and meditation workshops, ate vegetarian food, and read a lot of spiritual books. On the 6th day we had an evening lecture and meditation with the teacher. I had the usual kriyas involuntary body movements and blissful sensations, but after the meditation my eye sight became extremely sharp and clear.

I felt like I had a new set of eyes. His optical research led to prisms that dispersed white light into the colors of the rainbow. Put another way, there was a rhyme and reason to nature that transcended science.

The Great Awakening

Contributors included luminaries such as Voltaire, Rousseau, and Montesquieu. Because of its secular emphasis and denunciations of ecclesiastical power, the Catholic Church banned its 28 volumes, but they delivered to subscribers in secret. The Swedish botanist took it upon himself to catalog all life forms under categories of family, genus, species, etc.

Another example of Enlightenment categorizing was the study of elements at the University of Heidelberg, in Germany. The table not only lists known elements, it predicts and explains their qualities based on its particular arrangement. If the Enlightenment had a modern creed, it might be that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence , even if its proponents made plenty of their own unsubstantiated claims.

Because of his family connection, Penn went from being imprisoned to being awarded a tract of land in America larger than all of England — quite a reversal of fortune. That way he could pay off his debt and get an agitator out of his hair or powdered wig at the same time. This was a bare bones form of Protestantism that Martin Luther never imagined. Penn impacted history even before he left England. One of his trial juries refused to convict him when the Lord Mayor of London charged him with violating the Conventicle Acts dictating conformity to the Church of England.

The judge then went after the jury but an ensuing trial and counter-suit resulted in English judges losing their right to imprison juries for awarding what judges deemed to be incorrect verdicts. Penn thus indirectly caused a major change in western legal history even before founding an important American colony.

Imagine how different trials would be if juries had to worry about being imprisoned by judges. Pennsylvania was diverse ethnically as well as religiously. Initially, wealthy Quakers owned slaves, but a small and militant handful became the first Christian abolitionists in America.

Quakers founded the Pennsylvania Abolitionist Society in April , the same month as the famous rebel battles against British redcoats at Lexington and Concord next chapter. They were pacifists, which got them in trouble during times of war but helped spark the modern ideal that war, even if sometimes necessary, should be avoided if possible modern hawks now talk about using war to maintain or restore peace.

They advocated progressive child-rearing and equality for women ahead of their time; contemporary European men joked at taverns and in popular culture about beating their wives and children. NFL player Adrian Peterson. Future reformers Lucretia Mott, Susan B. After owning slaves themselves through the midth century, Quakers spearheaded abolitionism well into the 19th century and emphasized egalitarianism.

They believed in simple, unpretentious clothing and architecture. Quakers called everyone Mr. To this day, Americans use Mr. Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania was also home to Benjamin Franklin , who exemplified the Enlightenment spirit as well as any American. Franklin fled Puritan Boston as a teenager, finding refuge in comparatively cosmopolitan Philadelphia. As an adult, Franklin became a serious scientist. That, too, was in the Enlightenment spirit. Franklin invented bifocals , the Franklin stove , the glass harmonica , daylight savings, and the post office, and properly theorized about how the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean warmed Europe.

Franklin asked questions and, when confronted with practical problems, furthered progress by inventing new solutions. He was constantly researching and coming up with new medical ideas , some useful others less so. When he was eleven, he invented swim fins. Franklin helped transform Philadelphia into the first true city in America, with a hospital, fire and police departments, libraries, and paved, numbered and lit streets.

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Since America was born at the height of the Enlightenment, the Revolution presented its founders with an opportunity to ensconce representative government in a country starting from scratch. Through republicanism, along with its endorsement of science and technology, the Enlightenment lives on in contemporary America. Few among us would rush to a church instead of a hospital if injured or sick, and no one is advocating replacing First Responders with ministers on the other end of calls.

We drive cars and trucks and live in homes and talk on phones invented and improved on by application of the scientific method. But Masons were, and are, an organization that includes people of many faiths, including Christianity, bound together by monotheism and a commitment to community service. Many Americans were suspicious of the organization because of their secretive meetings, rituals, and codes , but their ranks included Founders like Franklin and George Washington and dozens of future prominent politicians, inventors, entertainers, and theologians.

The political structure of Masonic lodges, with their system of checks-and-balances and one-man-one-vote, is similar to the U. Constitution — likely because they both developed during the Enlightenment. Contrary to conspiracy theories, the Eye of Providence on the back of the American one-dollar bill comes from the original Great Seal of the United States and dates to Christian iconography, adopted later by Masons. Franklin Roosevelt, one of 14 Masons to have served as president, added it to the dollar in Did I ever think I will burn in hell for all eternity?

I didn't. Did I feel bad and made up for my mistakes? I certainly did, but not out of fear of God.