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This article argues that the flows of people and natural resources across borders are connected intimately and that this has been facilitated politically by the acceptance of the porosity of territorial boundaries by all governments in the region and the imperative to export environmentally degrading development projects into neighbouring countries where political mobilisation on environmental issues is much less effective.

Conveyed through a series of cases studies on resource extraction, dam and reservoir construction, and working conditions in apparel companies , this article explores how developing country companies comply with the codes of conduct on corporate responsibility on human rights, labour standards and environmental sustainability within the context of the governance of the global supply chain. Stakeholders are constituencies affected by the decision of a company but can exercise some leverage within the company, through deliberative engagement, i.

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According to Missingham Missingham, B. There are a significant number of small-scale projects to generate power involving private Thai companies engaged in surveying, design and construction but the scale of these projects is such that they are unlikely to deliver the energy needs of Thailand's modernization programme. While Thai companies may negotiate with local tribal leaders, for the most part, this is informal and additional to their arrangements with the Burmese military. Some of the surveying work has been disrupted but it remains unclear exactly which groups are involved.

The Thai companies involved have stressed that their activities are in accordance with agreements of all parties involved. The million metre deal refers to a logging concession which would give a million square metres of timber to 20 Thai companies. Kumar C. Wermester K.

Many observers suggest the need for a more comprehensive analysis of ownership and management in Mae Sot factories.

In summer , all FTI companies were claiming to now pay the minimum wage baht , but this is yet to be established, even if they are there is still the problem of illegal deductions communication from Kevin Hewison. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere.

Major Environmental Issues and Problems of South Asia, Particularly Bangladesh

Is this the failure of the EIA itself due to the use of an inappropriate western based model or is it more related to a lack of political will and implementation weakness? The facts indicate that the EIA is often used as a means to an end rather than as a beneficial planning tool in itself. The fiction relates to the impressive array of legislation and sophisticated processes on paper that are often ineffective in practice. This paper attempts to highlight the problem areas and suggests other techniques and strategies that may be introduced to solve them.

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Review— Khaki Capital: The Political Economy of the Military in Southeast Asia

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The Environment of South Asia

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World Politics Review | Region | Southeast Asia

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