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The first recording of Dobson Op. Cathedral Organist Samuel S. Soria records his second CD on Op. Marcus St.

Julien plays Dobson Op. Raven - OAR Samuel S. Soria, organist.

From the Organ Bench

The first CD made of Dobson Op. Samuel Soria Sal to his friends , the Cathedral's organist, formerly organist at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral for nine years, plays with virtuosic skill and abandon.

His selection of repertoire demonstrates the vast range of this state-of-the-art instrument. It folds out into a four-color poster which illustrates the dramatic and triumphant look of the cathedral organ as seen from a close-up vantage point. Marijim Thoene plays Dobson Op.

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Joseph Abbey, St. Benedict, Louisiana, and Anne Chabreck plays flute in the splendid acoustics of the magnificent abbey church. The repertoire is interesting and in many instances not available anywhere else, the playing is first class, and the organ is a true gem in a wonderful acoustic.

Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd. - Recordings

This is a disc that is very easy to recommend with great enthusiasm. Thoene is joined in the Vosk work by Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, native American flute. The famous Valpo Schlicker Keiser's accompaniments are masterful.

Organ voluntary: transplant girl back as medic in hospital that saved her life

Hymnal Masterworks celebrates the artistic and spiritual power found in the common hymn. The collection features gifted artists performing unique and original adaptations of tunes from around the world. Shirley Sprunger King plays Dobson Op. Paula Pugh Romanaux plays the Dobson organ at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

G. F. Handel : "Fugue" from "Voluntary No. 3", performed by Valentin Sarić

Works of J. Works of Marchand, J. Hook organ at the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the E. Fantasia and Fugue in E minor, Op. He has just the right proportions of dramatic flair, delicate line, and saucy fun that allow these works to come alive and sparkle. I cannot imagine better His choice of instruments is also inspired As usual, Raven's engineering is superb. Carl B. Contain interviews with prominent church musicians, instruction right from the organ console, and excerpts of an exciting hymn festival. Also comes with a 32 page workbook.

Played on Dobson Op. Full Site. Physical Sciences. Subscribe to the newsletter.

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News Staff. Communist dictatorships lack transparency, so if they don't want to be bound by the same ethical rules as everyone else, they won't be. Some in western countries gush about claims they make regarding solar power, for example, but only their CO2 emissions - highest in the world - can be verified from outside. It turns out their voluntary organ donation claims may be just as made up, and that is because the Chinese government is systematically misreporting data, according to new research.

A history of fraud and unethical behavior In China promised the world they would no longer source organs from prisoners - their almost sole source previously. A new study, led by graduate student Matthew Robertson from The Australian National University ANU , used the same method and found that, like Russian claims about how much of their food is "organic", it's clearly falsified. The numbers can't possibly be real. They're too neat to be true.

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They're numbers generated using an equation. They found major anomalies with the datasets, with implausibly high ratios of transplants per donor and mismatches when the two sets of data were meant to be identical. Provincial and hospital-level data we examined also showed anomalies that are extremely difficult to explain. The researchers also found the misclassification of non-voluntary organ donors as voluntary, which is highly suggestive evidence of data manufacturing and manipulation that could only have been done by human intervention.

The patterns we observed in the data can only be plausibly explained by the falsification of official organ transplant figures. But of course data from COTRS is not publicly available, it has only been published by government controllers twice - in and in The Red Cross Society of China is mandated to verify and witness every such organ donation, and it is unlikely China is allowing anything near that level of transparency, and data from the Red Cross Society of China was previously available on four websites, with three of the websites recently taken offline.

Sir David Spiegelhalter, former president of the Royal Statistical Society in the UK, said, "The close agreement of the numbers of donors and transplants with a quadratic function is remarkable and is in sharp contrast to other countries who have increased their activity over this period